Are There Age Groups in Pickleball Tournaments 2023

Pickleball, a fast-growing sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, has gained immense popularity in recent years. With it’s easy-to-learn rules and pick-up-and-play nature, players of all ages and skill levels have been drawn to the sport. As the competition in pickleball tournaments continues to rise, the need for age-based divisions has become apparent. In response to this demand, USA Pickleball has implemented a new age group structure for the year 2023. The new divisions will include 19+, 30+, 40+, and 50+ and above, allowing players to compete against others in their own age range. This change aims to create a fair and level playing field and provide opportunities for players of all ages to enjoy the thrill of tournament play. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these new age groups ensure that there's a place for everyone in the exciting world of pickleball competitions.

What Is the Average Age of Pickleball Players?

The average age of pickleball players in 2021 was 38.1 years, indicating a diverse range of participants across different age groups. However, it’s worth noting that players aged 55 and up were the largest age bracket, accounting for 19.8% of total participants. This demonstrates the popularity of pickleball among older adults who’re seeking a fun and engaging form of exercise.

The inclusion of younger players adds a dynamic element to the sport and contributes to it’s overall growth and popularity.

This diversity is one of the unique aspects of pickleball that contributes to it’s appeal and accessibility for people of all ages.

However, players aged 18 to 34 were the second largest group, demonstrating the sports appeal to a diverse range of age groups.

In order to secure a spot at the highly anticipated 2023 USA Pickleball National Championships held at the Brookhaven Country Club, potential participants must meet specific qualifications. These include achieving a Gold medal in either the skill/age or age/skill categories, or attaining a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal in the Sr Pro events at the 2022 Nationals. With these achievements, players can earn a confirmed entry to showcase their pickleball skills on the national stage.

How Do You Qualify for 2023 National Pickleball Tournament?

To qualify for the 2023 USA Pickleball National Championships at the Brookhaven Country Club, participants have several pathways. One of these paths involves earning a confirmed entry by winning a Gold medal in either skill/age or age/skill categories. This means that players who excel in their respective skill and age divisions have the opportunity to secure their spots in the tournament.

Additionally, participants can also qualify for the 2023 tournament by achieving a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal in the Senior Pro events at the 2022 Nationals. This provides another chance for skilled players to showcase their abilities and secure their place in the upcoming championships.

The tournament organizers consider both skill level and age divisions when determining qualifications. This ensures that the playing field is fair and competitive for all participants. With this approach, players of different ages and skill levels have the opportunity to compete against others in their respective categories, promoting inclusivity and fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants.

Qualification Criteria for Other National Pickleball Tournaments

Qualification criteria for other national pickleball tournaments vary depending on the country and the tournament organizers. Generally, these criteria include factors such as age, skill level, and competition experience.

Age groups are often a common way to categorize players in pickleball tournaments. These groups can range from youth divisions for players under a certain age, to adult divisions for different age ranges, and even senior divisions for older players. The specific age groups and divisions offered may vary from tournament to tournament.

In addition to age groups, skill level is another important factor in determining eligibility for pickleball tournaments. Tournaments may offer different skill divisions such as novice, intermediate, advanced, and professional. Players are typically required to provide information about their skill level and may need to provide evidence of previous tournament results or player ratings.

To participate in some national tournaments, players may need to qualify through regional or local tournaments. These qualifying tournaments help ensure that participants meet a certain standard of play and competitiveness.

It’s always important to carefully review the specific tournament information and qualifying criteria provided by the organizers to determine if you’re eligible to participate. The tournament websites or other official sources usually provide detailed information on age groups, skill divisions, and qualification processes for each event.


This change allows players of different age brackets to compete against opponents of similar skill and experience, thus creating a more level playing field. By implementing age groups such as 19+, 30+, 40+, and 50+ and above, players will have the opportunity to participate in tournaments that align with their age and abilities, enhancing their overall tournament experience. This decision not only promotes fair competition and encourages more players to engage in tournament play, but it also ensures that athletes have the chance to compete against opponents of their own age group, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within the sport.

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